League Settings

12 up to 20 man league depending on number of GMs.
Real Players. Draft.
Rookie League.

Full feeder to support.

Indy League. Super small cap. 8 teams 30 man roster 15 reserve roster. controlled by cpu.
Indy League will get its players from free agency.
You can buy players from the independent league.
No trading allowed between OBL and independent league.

Quick sim 6 days.
Mo,Tu,Th,Fr – Noon Eastern. This makes it enough gap in other leagues.
No PP no Blogging as of now unless enough request.
Create A Cap Once A Year.

Overall Stars Only
Rating System 20 – 80
Relative to Major League.
Overall Ratings Based on AI evaluation not pure ratings.

No Injury Rating Show.
Modern Injury setting.

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